Ask any surfer. "Pitted" means getting inside a wave. Gliding through this tunnel of water is perfection -- and everyone wants it. We help our clients to attain this smooth experience. "Labs" gives you a glimpse into how we achieve exceptional results. We test and analyze as a continuous process. Our book of techniques – just like Amazon – is ever-evolving. Clients tend to stick with us for two big reasons: 1) We make life vastly easier and 2) it's fun to make money on Amazon.

Tyler Allgaier

Founder & CEO

Taking his background in accounting and auditing and applying it to his love of all-things business, Tyler is the businessman behind the Pitted Labs curtain. Having led the financial operations of multiple startups and working with some of the nation's largest companies, Tyler knows what it takes to run a successful organization. As a wise man once said, "Every company needs a Tyler."

Aaron Hurt

Digital Media Manager

A bad photo can hinder the success of your next product launch. That's why Aaron is here to help. With nearly a decade's worth of professional photography experience, Aaron understands the fundamentals of what it takes to make your product not only look, but feel professional. Aaron delivers the highest quality images in the quickest amount of time possible, no questions asked.

Ryan Forsythe

Account Manager

With hands-on experience working at Amazon, Ryan has done it all -- launching new products, running search campaigns, onboarding new brands, and growing multi-million dollar accounts. Ryan also has a passion for data and uncovering trends that impact your business. His experience will help take your business to the next level!

"Pitted Labs has assisted with the Amazon set-up and successful launch of several brands. I would highly recommend working with them on your Amazon initiatives."

- Chris, National Marketing Manager | The Hartford Mint

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