E-Commerce Consulting

"Tyler has been instrumental in ensuring a smooth and successful start to our Amazon sales. He understands the intricacies of the Amazon marketplace and provides unparalleled support to our team. From continuously monitoring customer sales and reviews; providing custom reports and intelligent inventory forecasting, helping us to understand and grow our business, to guiding us on better marketing practices to enhance our presence on Amazon, he works tirelessly to ensure our continued success."

Ran Artsi, CEO
Skinny Pasta USA


Improve Product Visibility

Let us remove all the clutter that confuses potential customers and replace it with properly formatted and optimized descriptions, professional product photos, and more, making your product easier to find in search engines.



photo & video

The first impression future customers have of your product is from a single picture. Our world-class team of digital artists will give you Amazon-optimized photo packages and will run an entire video production operation just for you.


Inventory Forecasting

Don’t know how much inventory to purchase? Trying to save on warehouse storage fees? Our inventory forecasting model takes the guesswork out of inventory management, saving you time, money, and hassle.


Fatten Your Bottom-Line

Lots of companies sell online, but only a few make the big bucks. We have the industry know-how to save you money on fees and become more profitable. Watch as we turn your under-performing online store into an international marketplace.


Advanced Reporting

You should always know the numbers behind your business, and we make them easy to understand. Our team has a range of custom reports for customer data, inventory, sales, feedback, and profitability, so you’ll always have an advantage.


Feedback Monitor

Negative feedback bringing you down? Feedback is one of the first things your customers check when deciding to shop online; our team is always monitoring your feedback and can remove negative ratings to earn your customers trust.


Category Approval

There’s nothing worse than being told you can’t sell your products online. Don’t stress about getting approval, we help business get approved to sell in all categories, so you can reach your target audience when it matters.



Promotions on Amazon and eBay are a pain to set up but your customers appreciate a great discount. We can setup an unlimited number of promotions for you and your team. Just sit back, relax, and watch the orders come flowing in.


Amazon Sponsored Ads

What is CPC? Which keywords should I target? These are questions that we will answer for you by creating and running optimized campaigns on Seller Central and AMS. Let us maximize your ROI of advertising funds.


Product Profitability Analysis

Don’t let marketplace fees or commissions scare you away--use our tool to calculate all fees, commissions, and other fulfillment costs before you start selling. We provide this tool for all marketplaces that you sell on.


Reach a Global Audience

Confused by international trade laws? Unsure how to setup customs forms and international shipments? Worry no-more! We currently help international clients sell online, and can help you too. Don’t put your business at risk by making mistakes, let us help!


Subscription Based Services

Sell consumable items? Offer your customers a discount when they sign up to receive orders monthly. Amazon’s Subscribe and Save service has proven tremendously popular with power users—setup your offer today and get guaranteed orders every month.


Vendor Central and Seller Central

What's the difference, anyway? We've done both, and know how to utilize each programs benefits. Our team will advise you on the best route for your company and help you on your way to success on Amazon.


Customer Service

Don’t have time to respond to customer inquiries? Unfamiliar with Amazon policies and procedures? Our team can take over your customer service on Amazon, letting you focus on more important things.


Support and Ticket Support

Tired of spending hours on the phone or days emailing back and forth with seller support? Our team can handle all seller support issues and take over correspondence with Amazon whenever it’s needed.


How can I sell more online?

Contact us today for a free 7-point inspection! Our team will analyze your current eCommerce situation and provide an initial consultation and plan of action—at no charge!


"Tyler and his team at Pitted Labs were a life saver for our business! Tyler took the time to understand our needs and goals, and then helped us reach every milestone to achieve these goals. He even helped guide us in key business decisions and became an integral part in our long term success! I would highly recommend Tyler and Pitted Labs for their incredible work to anyone looking to take their eCommerce business to the next level!"

Kirk T., CEO
Ideal Home Solutions